Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A new map of the world

It's not quite cruise ship mentality. I haven't (yet) said - if it's Tuesday it must be Cairo. And the day I do seems far away. In fact living and working across two countries seems to be pretty good. I got back on Saturday from the latest foray into old Ingerlund. That was a long day - setting off at 7.30 am and getting here at midnight after the ferry crossing and an eight hour drive. But after a couple of days of a Bank Holiday weekend to recover, I'm back into the swing of things here in this rural French backwater.

My day spent following up last week's meetings and developments, with my office shared for a couple of hours with my 8 year old daughter doing her homework on my laptop. She interupted me less often than work colleagues often did in my previous 'employed' life. It's not hard to be in a good mood at my desk, with the sun shining outside, the birds singing, and the swallows doing acrobatics in the courtyard. Lunch out on the terrace, a ten yard stroll into work, tea and hugs on tap. And after work we all wandered down to l’assemblĂ©e to carry on the cleaning inside. Still a bit to do before Sunday when we plan to get together as many of the village as possible for a short prayer to the virgin saint and a chat. I'm not religious myself, but many of the older folk are, and it will be good to all get together again. Some of the younger ones are more interested in a chat and a wee drink. But apparently 'twas ever so!

My digital camera is missing between the seller and my house, so I still can't bring you any photos of progress. I've got some films to be developed, so we'll get them up here at some point.

Anyway, a new map. What's all that about? Well, when I was commuting to work, I had two different lives effectively. Work and home, two different cities, two different social groups. And yet a normal enough life these days. My journeys to work aren't the same, sometimes much shorter, sometimes very much longer. But I still have a 'twin' map in my head. It's a new map, but has much in common with the old one. But the experience of living in the places on the map is very different. I like it a lot. As for my ecological footprint, well, that's another question. And one I'll try and answer. But not yet.