Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I also came across the Flickr-like ipernity photo sharing place, and can be found there too.


I got onto Facebook recently, and will be putting a bit of time into that over the coming weeks. These posts should feed into it too.

Brasserie Barbaroux

Well it finally happened over the pas few weeks, Monsieur Barbaroux (RedBeard), aka Jeremy the Beer has opened his brasserie to great acclaim and high demand. Long may it continue. He is the only organic brewer in the Haute-Loire, and well worth the short diversion. The man lives and breathes his beer-making, and it shows. He brews four types, and has chosen to name them after himself, after a fashion. Hence Barbe Rousse above, followed by Barbe Brune, Barbe Blonde, and Barbe Blanche, with the expected variations to the beard on the label as well as the name.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A recurring theme - schools and creativity

Lots of nice stuff from TED. This one on a subject occupying my wandering mind a lot as my daughter heads for the treadmill of secondary education, already showing signs of waning enthusiasm, boredom and the hunger to create she has shown to date. Ken says it funnier than I can