Friday, April 14, 2006


We have a little place called L’assemblé or La maison de la Béathe, couvent, chapelle (amongst other names) in the village. And it's got a bit neglected over recent years. But, as I mentioned some time back, some folk here used to go over there from time time, especially during May. Well the thoughts about doing something to clean it up dust it off and use it again are coming to something. A few folk met up here on Sunday afternoon for a chat over coffee and cake, and we decided to go for it a week Saturday, and try and meet up once a week during May. George even put a little article in the weekly rag about it, and the other idea of opening up a neglected lane in the village too.

I asked if folks had any old photos of the place, but it doesn't sound too promising. I'll make sure and get some this time around.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Bin a sheety sort of week

I got back on Sunday from a 12 day sojourn in the UK, covering three different projects, mother's day, an under-6 rugby festival and a two-day delay in my return flight due to a French air-traffic control strike.

I won't get into all the debate about what the French strikes and demonstrations are about - it's several essay's worth, and I'm not sure anything would be clearer anyway.

The under6 rugby festival on the other hand was fantastic. Around 34 kids under 6 playing rugby and having a fab time. On a Sunday morning. England should be the best in the world in about 15 years time.
One of the two Lincoln teams having a morale-boosting talk by the coach between games.

The three projects are all very different, and I love having the diversity. One is a 'main' one, in the rural service development field (no pun intended), one is an environmental leaflet on Ecological Footprinting, and the third is photographing four secondary school heritage projects around the country.

The Severn Bridge, by one of the school's pupils, after a visit.

Since I got back, I would say I've had a sheety week, first my septic tank was emptied, and then our neighbour delivered several cubic metres of 'fumier' for my gardens. I'd forgotten how heavy this stuff is on the end of a fork.

The friendly septic tank man on the job.

I think I'm going to get some delivered in the autumn for next year - this is a bit fresh and full of straw. So guess what I'll be doing over the weekend?