Friday, April 14, 2006


We have a little place called L’assemblé or La maison de la Béathe, couvent, chapelle (amongst other names) in the village. And it's got a bit neglected over recent years. But, as I mentioned some time back, some folk here used to go over there from time time, especially during May. Well the thoughts about doing something to clean it up dust it off and use it again are coming to something. A few folk met up here on Sunday afternoon for a chat over coffee and cake, and we decided to go for it a week Saturday, and try and meet up once a week during May. George even put a little article in the weekly rag about it, and the other idea of opening up a neglected lane in the village too.

I asked if folks had any old photos of the place, but it doesn't sound too promising. I'll make sure and get some this time around.

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