Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Close is hardly the word"

this quote from a song (The Consul or something like that) by the inimitable Fish Show from the dim and distant past sprung to mind with the last few days weather. As does Crowded House's 4 season in one day.

Cold of a morning (4), very hot of an afternoon (28), plus thunder and lightening and hailstones.

We seem to be getting into the proper hot days now, with the plants going for it big time. Spuds are through, vegetable plants all in, just some seeding to do now - peas and runner beans tomorrow (according to my lunar gardening calendar), carrots at the weekend, and some more lettuce from the beginning of next month.

I was going to do some controlled experiments on my lunar planting, but haven't got around to it. Last year it was random, this year it's all lunar planned.

What do you think? Moon - Vegetables?

Saturday, May 21, 2005

orstralians on wine

A good time was had by all, and the apero turned into dinner and we all pushed off about midnight. Part of growing up in this part of France seems to be training for late nights and early mornings. There doesn't seem to be any training for the siesta, (une petite sieste), I suppose it becomes necessary under the circumstances! For the record, here's the orstralians, well two of them anyway...

My partner in crime with the last hippy, (his name not mine) Posted by Hello

Me an the orstralians enjoying bunny's hospitality, possibly enjoying it a bit too much ... Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ozzie rules

One thing that makes life here a little unpredictable from time to time is the fact that I speak English. Once the tourists start bumping into friends and neighbours, we start getting invitations to go round for the apero about 6. More often than not from May to September, there's an anglophone visitor sat in the corner somewhere on the way to getting bladdered on white wine or beer.

One of our neighbours, let's call him bunny, just stopped on his way past with such an invitation because he got rather carried away at lunch and has invited a couple of Orstrailians up for the apero this evening. During the process, he realised that neither their French nor his English was likely to be up to the challenge, hence my invitation. We might get a few shots for the blog: stand-by!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Haircuts, and lots of them

Yesterday was haircut day for the sheep at our fine French friends' farm. This is one of the big 10 themes that Mr shepherd explained to me at the start of our project together. We've been working over the past 18 months to capture some of the outstanding aspects of his work in creating superb organic cheese. We haven't yet decided what to do with the photographs; they would make a great little book, but neither of us has the time or money to do that. We'll probably end up with a couple of postcards for the cheese stand at the local markets! Ah well, fame and fortune will have to wait!

Ever seen a queue like this at the barber shop? Posted by Hello

The skilled hands of a craftsman gives a short back and sides in no time. Posted by Hello

It's all for the cheese, mmmmmm Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Back in body almost in spirit

I know I know, it's been a long time. It's also been a long way! I haven't counted the miles, but I've been to the UK twice, the US twice, and up north by car for a four-day-special family party. All that finished exactly a week ago, and I almost feel as if know what day it is and what time it is. What can I say, it's great to be back.

Cramped cattle class planes, anonymous hotels, and almost continuous noise. Being here, where the most disturbing noise is the score of 'little monks' (as sparrows are called here) arrayed around the guttering looking down on the courtyard of a morning. Bless 'em. I don't know if you've ever seen the cartoon short called 'For the Birds' before Monsters inc.? If not ensure you do so this year. It's a cure. I'm not sure what for, but it's a cure.

The photos below are from the Fete du Pain yesterday at the local village market. the sun shone, the people talked and danced, and the bread and veg looked great and smelled even better.

Well, now I'm back and in the groove, my daily torrent has started ...

Just a small selection of the family I married into, taken on day 5 of last week's four-day party. Posted by Hello

Remember the two old geezers in the Muppets? Posted by Hello

Typical Auvergnate dances and music to liven up the day. Posted by Hello

Beautiful bread, hand-made, warm and fresh. Posted by Hello

Everywhere you look, something to catch the eye. Posted by Hello