Friday, December 01, 2006

More doing

Progress report on another element of the exhibition - 'real' sunflowers preserved in 'exhibition cases' on a background of re-used brown enevelopes...

Done is good!

Maybe 'doing is good' is better. I don't know. I'm sitting here pretty shocked that I've made it to the end of November without falling asleep at the wheel, or getting carted off on a stretcher from some meeting, or having a heart attack on a plane. OK OK I'm maybe exagerating a bit, but it's been a long long year, and I've been trying to do too much as usual.

Anyway, a health-imposed break from the mad running around has been an opportunity to get some stuff done, rather than just doing it.

Of course I'm still enjoying a few blogs of a morning and came across this post on gapingvoid, where hugh mcleod is collecting 500 word manifestos. Hallelujah. Making is good. But to avoid never finishing anything, (who me?), done is good.