Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"Close is hardly the word"

this quote from a song (The Consul or something like that) by the inimitable Fish Show from the dim and distant past sprung to mind with the last few days weather. As does Crowded House's 4 season in one day.

Cold of a morning (4), very hot of an afternoon (28), plus thunder and lightening and hailstones.

We seem to be getting into the proper hot days now, with the plants going for it big time. Spuds are through, vegetable plants all in, just some seeding to do now - peas and runner beans tomorrow (according to my lunar gardening calendar), carrots at the weekend, and some more lettuce from the beginning of next month.

I was going to do some controlled experiments on my lunar planting, but haven't got around to it. Last year it was random, this year it's all lunar planned.

What do you think? Moon - Vegetables?

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