Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Making a pig's ear of it

Following our invitation to the neighbour's annual pig celebrations, my partner in crime made the mistake of mentioning that she liked those peculiar parts of a pig that make other Europeans squirm - like the ears. This kind of comment is very risky. Our wonderful neighbours are so hospitable and sensitive that they take such comments very seriously. So, as I took our little bundle of joy to the school bus this morning, I shouldn't have been surprised to have been handed a little plastic bag to give to PiC. Indeed I wasn't really surpised; I think it was too early in the morning for me to notice. Until I walked back to the house, a little annoyed by the very unstable trail of cats AND dogs that followed me. And inside the house I opened the bag, and looked in at the pig's ear, neatly placed in a little bowl just the right size.

I was tempted to test the silk purse hypothesis, but in the end was obliged to disperse the clamouring hordes from the doorstep by distributing bits of it amongst them.

I may well think before opening my mouth a little more often in the hope of avoiding such generosity myself - no bad thing really...

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