Saturday, July 30, 2005


It's hard to resist such a widespread cultural phenomenon as the summer break in France. So much just stops; back home this would be somehow to be excused. Here, it's just the way it is. July is bad enough, August is worse.

So I've given up trying to resist. That's my excuse for a distinct lack of posts anyway. Which is not to say I haven't be busy mind you. No no. I've been very busy. Photography. I've just completed and presented my first piece of AV documentary work, which went down very well. I spent a week at a summer camp with 14 kids, taking somewhere in the region of 1000 shots on film (B&W and Colour) and on my digital compact.

I've completed my first restored window frame photographs and prepared the next 5 windows. I'm in the middle of choosing the next photos to go in them, and have to see our local retired carpenter in the village about some finishing that I haven't got the tools to do. He's about 88 we think, and still remarkably active. I'm going to prepare three as an a bonus part of my exhibition in September.

Speaking of which, the prints have been ordered, 8/12 frames sorted out, and the publicity material has had a first drafting, together with my names and addresses for the mailing list.

Plus there's the garden of course.

I've also got another idea for a photography project, with a small specialist wineyard nearby. I've been talking about it for ages, but have now managed to get his phone number, and will go and see him during August. Hopefully I can start with the harvest and see where we go from there.

I have one or two other ideas for my next career(s) too, and they need some following up.

Anyway, I'm off to the UK for a week on Wednesday, back here on 10th with our next visitors...

I think we may have a Welshman visiting neighbours in the next day or so too.

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