Thursday, March 09, 2006

Schools out

We've had a little questionnaire from the school recently asking about possible changes to the school day. The reasoning is that the teachers have noticed the pupils work better in the morning. So they want to make the morning session longer by half an hour. The various options include starting earlier, shorter lunch breaks and finishing earlier. So far so good.

Some while back, we had a questionaire from the local education authority about the school week. This is currently a messy affair, with The primary schools sitting Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, with two out of three saturday mornings thrown in. (The secondary school is in the same four weekdays, no Saturdays, but they also do Wednesday mornings.) We duly filled in our preference, which was for the four current weekdays with shorter holidays to make up for the lost Saturday mornings. The edict now comes back, (without any news of how parents voted), saying that as of September, there will be no school on Saturday mornings but every other Wednesday morning instead. One rubbish idea replaced with another rubbish idea. If you want to continue your weekly Wednesday morning activities, of which there are many, you no longer can.

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