Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hardly a cheery note for Christmas

It's harder and harder to look forward to Christmas while having stomach-churning moments in the face of consumption consumption consumption. We do what we can. It's not much.

On 21st we will have a modest camp fire. More CO2 - true. But also a genuine celebration of the winter solstice and the start of the sun's return. A recognition of the importance of the most basic elements of life. Our increasing self-sufficiency for at least our vegetables relies on following and understanding seasons and growth. Our heat comes from burning wood grown locally and replanted in biodiverse patchworks.

We have continuously reduced our electricity consumption over the past four years.

It's a journey.


Miranda Bell said...

Definately a thought provoking bit of film and something that the French in particular could do well to take note of in relation to the copious amounts of paperwork they have for everything!!

bluesky said...

Yes indeed! I wonder how many forests the French civil service raze per annum per head compared with other EU countries. I daresay someone has already worked it out.