Friday, March 14, 2008

I can't believe it

So much going on to rant about, and nor franceranting going on. What's the idea!!!

Local elections of a medieval flavour for a start. The bribery through abuse of power in the community of communes over the past few years has ensured a few votes for one of the most unpopular constituents, and despite coming third has elected to go ahead to the second round. What's he got up his sleeve then?

In the local commune, so many of the old (sic) councillors left after soooooo long that the local population were shocked into apathy. It was hard going to get the required 11 names on the list; achieved just in time for the paperwork. But at what cost? No second round here, but the choice of Mayor to be made on Saturday night. There are rumours about how that's going, but I'm keeping shtum for now. Good luck bunny is all I'll say for now.

Our pursuit of a property to buy has already been a roller coaster, and there's no change there. I hate estate agents. No, really.

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