Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Flies, flies and more flies

I never heard about the essential oil solution again. I took that as a no, and set to work on the flies in photoshop. And ran out of time. So no completed SoFoBoMo for me this year. I might still complete it on blurb or some such platform. But in the meantime, I'm getting some prints together for a summer exhibition. The subject is stone transformations. Lots of stone. Obviously. Transformed in different ways, both in its natural context, by people, and by the print medium and framing. Like my previous exhibition here, I'm exploring how we approach, perceive or understand the essential stuff of a subject. The last time my approach was to abstract the subject to varying degrees in the composition of the shots, with the aim of inciting people to look at the characteristics of the image and the subject rather than what you could label it as. This time, by taking the same subject and looking at it in many different ways, I'm hoping to understand something about whether there is anything common to all the images, something that could be considered essential to stone. Or not. Do these transformations change the essential characteristics of stone? Into what? And is that in any way important? Meaningful? And why should I care?

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