Sunday, November 06, 2005

And the effect is?

Well it's attracted some attention from the neighbours. One girl was disappointed at the result, having seen it at two courses high and expecting it to reach the dizzy altitude of the wooden flag pole that you can see sticking out the top of this one. It's about 4m long, so that was never likely, but I did promise the make the next one bigger. The thing in the background is one hedgehog of a pair that used to be dragged along behind a trailer full of merde to spray it around a bit. Redundant now, I found it amongst a bank of brambles along one boundary. It's quite a big thing to find, but not as big as the wall that it was sitting on that I hadn't seen before either! One of my ideas is to rebuild the wall, (which should appear in the middle distance of this view, to the right of the tree in the middle). Whether I do it or not depends on whether I get enough practice at cairns and other small projects over the winter. I rebuilt two low steps this morning too, so I've made a good start. Move over Andy Goldsworthy ...

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