Thursday, November 03, 2005

Still enjoying the peace, but...

Still warm and sunny, beautiful afternoons, crisp clear mornings. We have the biggest wind farm in France in the view here, and with the first light on the masts it looked spectacular this morning. Too far for a photo, but I'll get out there one morning to get closer.

The but in the title refers to my jet-setting lifestyle, living here and working in the UK, and the new winter Ryanair service. I am of course grateful to Ryanair for the possibility of being able to do it at all, but the new winter service has kicked in, and adds a few stress points to the experience. It's usually an early start in the winter, and we're now taking off from Stanstead at 07:30. It's better than last year. This year they've dropped to 4 days a week, Saturday to Tuesday, and that's making my next trip longer than necessary. I'm sure I'll find things to do, but I don't really like being away that long when it doesn't seem necessary.

This, together with a couple of other things has prompted a return visit to 'the project'. The project is to create a relaxation centre. The other couple of things are: the end of my partners in crime's first season as masseuse at a nearby luxury hotel - time to review; and the appearance on the market of a very nicely placed B&B business. My P.I.C. will be going to have a look at the place sometime soon, and then we'll have a planning meeting over a very reasonably priced bottle of Bordeaux and see where we go. It's quite exciting to be having another look at 'the project', there's been a lack of a Big Hairy Outrageous Goal over the summer, as enjoyable as it has been. Anyway, if we have any news, you'll be the first to know!

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