Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Autumn or Indian summer?

I've been dragging myself away from my computer and the two current contracts for short breaks. When I do, I can't understand why I took so long. Barely a few paces in any direction and the views, peace and autumn colours are stunning. Yesterday evening and again early this morning I took the car a bit further up into the hills to take some photographs of spots I'd noticed last time I came back from the airport. It's just fantastic country, and I'm pretty pleased with the pictures. The apple of my eye is on holiday and is busy with a friend making a teepee in the garden in front of my window. My partner in crime collected a few of the biggest carrots I've ever seen in my life from one of our neighbours on the way back from her daily consitutional this morning. And I've managed a bit more garden work, gently easing my back into activity after its recent problems. There are times when life is simple but just fantastic, and being conscious of it at the time is about all it takes to feel a deep happy peace.

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