Friday, October 07, 2005

Number Eleven. Spirit

This is the second one that hasn't made the transition to the web very well. The original is nice and crisp. The title is a little wordplay. I spent two weeks tracing the coastline of parts of Harris and Lews in the Western Iisles some time ago. On the way, I stopped at the Harris Hotel in Tarbet. While waiting for the restaurant to start serving lunch, I sat in the bar chatting to the barman. Just about every bloke that came in asked him, (in Gaelic) who I was, and then bought me a dram; impressive hospitality. So by the time I tucked into my meal, I was more than three sheets to the wind. But so fortified, I set off on my bicycle to cross the island. On the way, I stopped for many a rest, including a spell by this small loch. Looking down on it, this composition appealed to me, but whether it was the spirit of the loch or of the hotel I had in mind, I couldn't say. Presented at 16"x24" on an ivory mount in an antique blue frame.

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