Sunday, October 02, 2005

Number Six. Sea Breeze in the Reeds

Taken behind Oxwich Bay, Gower in mid-winter, the buds appear russet against the dark leafless branches forming a backdrop for the dry feathery reeds in the foreground. The reeds are so dry and light that the slightest breeze can move them. It is a strange feeling to see them moving, but not to be able to feel the breeze that is doing it. It seems as if they are moving on their own. Presented at 20"x30" on a 4" ivory mount in a 2" natural wood frame. Some people looking at it can jump to the conclusion that this is an autumn picture due to the reddish colour on the trees in the background, although you don't have to look for long to see that there are no leaves to be seen, and autumn is no undoubtedly long past.

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