Saturday, October 01, 2005

Number Five. The Long Sunrise

There I was taken a ferry from the Malaysian mainland to a small island that was just getting developed for tourism. It was a small ferry and an overnight crossing. The bunks were built for Malaysians, who, although not wishing to over-generalise, are shorter than me. My feet would have stuck over the end, except that there was a helpful little fence around all the bunks to stop people falling off. Anyway, after failing to sleep for about 5 or 6 hours, I decided to go up on deck and get a coffee. I saw a rather dismal sunrise and was just about to go back down and wake up my Malaysian (and therefore short and very much asleep) travelling companion. Luckily i just caught this second sunrise developing as the sun rose above the bank of clouds on the horizon. I stood there spellbound for what seemed like hours, and shot about 3 rolls of film. This is one of my two favourites. I had it printed up at 20"x30" and surrounded by a 2" matt black frame without a mount.

By the way all these are for sale, in case you wondered.

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