Monday, September 04, 2006


I used to believe that intent and some degree of focus had a sort of momentum that carried me roughly where I wanted to go. I'm beginning to have doubts. Here I am three years after moving to France spending more and more time in the UK. My downshifting plans, more self-sufficiency, less impact on the planet etc. is looking decidedly rocky. Two return flights a month, 250 miles round trip at the French end and seemingly endless miles in the UK. Although when you take a family approach to the question, we don't do too badly on the fresh produce from the garden front. Still, we don;t own our house here yet, so some of the more dramatic insulation and building innovations are on ice. And busier in Blighty means less time to generate stuff here.

Well it's called francerant, so the odd rant is par for the course.

On the up side, we had a fantastic contribution from the Pompey Batala crew to put some rocket fuel samba in front of the local public, and there's a small core of folks willing to give it a try. And I'm getting more and more interest in my photos, (see the Flickr link on the right there).

I plan to spend October not going anywhere and with that intent and some focus hope to get roughly where I want to go. Which is right here.

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