Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wooden walls

Given last year's disaster stacking wood for the winter - I'm pleased to report a successful morning stacking logs of oak and one or two other bits and pieces. Last year, Bunny passed on the planks from his rotten barn for us to burn, and they were full of nails. I almost stood on one, twisted to avoid it succesfully, but then lost my balance and dislodged a pile of unstacked logs onto my prone body. Very painful. No planks, no nails, no twisting and no pain.

Which is just as well since me an my li'l lamb are orf fishing this afternoon. Not that I have any idea about fishing, but I know a man who does. I'm planning to take some photos along the river and in the woods, although the weather doesn't seem too encouraging.

Congratulations to the Ospreys for last night's trouncing of unbeaten Premiership team Gloucester. It's not before time, and let's hope there's more of that to come.


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