Thursday, January 03, 2008

Books for free

Here's the first 30-odd books that are sitting here free for anyone for the cost of postage. Unless of course you happen to be passing, in which case call in, have a browse and take what you want. I'll get the rest of them up here soon, and put a link on the sidebar to the final full list. I'd be happy to hear some suggested swaps, but the point of this distribution is to have less stuff! The formatting hasn't gone too pear-shaped.)

Surname First name Date Title
Hopkins Gerard Manley 1976 Poems and Prose
McFadden Steve 1992 Ancient Voices Current Affairs
Hands Geoffrey 2004 The Handbook of Digital Photography
Black Rhona M. 1979 The Elements of Palaeontology
Collins Publisher 1990 A Roomfull of Birds - Scottish Short Stories
Lawson Gary 1992 Unnatural Selections
Ballard J.G. 1984 Empire of the Sun
May Julian 1982 The Many-Coloured Land
Wodehouse P.G. 1987 Life at Blandings
Peake Mervyn 1978 Gormenghast
May Julian 1982 The Golden Torc
May Julian 1983 The Non Born King
Peake Mervyn 1987 Tutus Groan
Peake Mervyn 1983 Tutus Alone
Lewis Norman 1989 The Volcanoes Above Us
Trueman A.E. 1972 Geology and Scenery in England and Wales
Coelho paulo 1992 The Pilgrimage
Richards John Winterson 2003 Xenophobe's guide to the Welsh
Yapp Nick 2004 Xenophobe's guide to the French
Rowe David 1991 Collins Gem Wine
Kennedy Angus J. 2001 The Rough Guide to the Internet
Twain Mark 1972 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Van der Post Laurence 1967 The Hunter and the Whale
Fitzpatrick Mary 1999 Tanzania Zanzibar & Pemba
Kay Jackie 1998 Trumpet
Chatwin Bruce 1989 What am I doing here
Vonnegut Kurt 1994 Palm Sunday : Welcome to the Monkey House
Suskind Patrick 1986 Perfume
Dickens Charles 1974 Bleak House
Austen Jane 1972 Pride and Prejudice
Lewis Don 1979 My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen … Reverend Sirs
Willmot Eric 1987 Pemulwuy: The Rainbow Warrior
Baker Margaret 1972 Christmas Customs and Folklore
Okri Ben 1998 Infinite Riches

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