Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year again and again

One big turn of the year event!

There's little chance of that happening I reckon, but it's a nice thought. Roll the solstice, Christmas and New year into one event, have three or four days of celebration/holiday, and then carry on with life. I'd prefer solstice; since living in the middle of nowhere, I really do notice the change in daylight hours, and I am sooo pleased when the days start to get longer. I'm up for all those new year energies straight away. Only everyone around me is focused on Christmas. OK, let's have a shindig, great. Then let's get into the new year! But no, we all have to wait a week and have some kind of party again! No wonder there are some forced smiles around at most of the new year's bashes I've been to. This year was cool, I enjoyed it. Really. Ok Ok it is a bit baah humbug, but only a bit. Let's get up and at 'em sooner, that's all.

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