Thursday, January 03, 2008

Free Books

Surname Date Title
Hopkins 1976 Poems and Prose
McFadden 1992 Ancient Voices Current Affairs
Hands 2004 The Handbook of Digital Photography
Black 1979 The Elements of Palaeontology
Collins 1990 A Roomfull of Birds - Scottish Short Stories
Lawson 1992 Unnatural Selections
Ballard 1984 Empire of the Sun
May 1982 The Many-Coloured Land
Wodehouse 1987 Life at Blandings
Peake 1978 Gormenghast
May 1982 The Golden Torc
May 1983 The Non Born King
Peake 1987 Tutus Groan
Peake 1983 Tutus Alone
Lewis 1989 The Volcanoes Above Us
Trueman 1972 Geology and Scenery in England and Wales
Coelho 1992 The Pilgrimage
Richards 2003 Xenophobe's guide to the Welsh
Yapp 2004 Xenophobe's guide to the French
Rowe 1991 Collins Gem Wine
Kennedy 2001 The Rough Guide to the Internet
Twain 1972 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Van der Post 1967 The Hunter and the Whale
Fitzpatrick 1999 Tanzania Zanzibar & Pemba
Kay 1998 Trumpet
Chatwin 1989 What am I doing here
Vonnegut 1994 Palm Sunday : Welcome to the Monkey House
Suskind 1986 Perfume
Dickens 1974 Bleak House
Austen 1972 Pride and Prejudice
Lewis 1979 My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen … Reverend Sirs
Willmot 1987 Pemulwuy: The Rainbow Warrior
Baker 1972 Christmas Customs and Folklore
Okri 1998 Infinite Riches
Crossley-Holland 1985 Axe-Age, Wolf-Age: A Selection of Norse Myths
Yeates 1962 Selected Poetry
Gatt 1976 Turner: The life and work of the artist (illustrated)
Eichenbaum & Orbach 1983 What do women want?
Sassoon 1940 The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston
Buchanan 1978 The Portable Plato
Neidjie 1989 Story About Feeling
Lawrence 1975 Sons and Lovers
Thelwell 1978 Belt Up
Dickens 1977 Great Expectations
Dickens 1985 Oliver Twist
Swift 1967 Gulliver's Travels
Dickens 1969 Hard Times
Dickens 1970 A tale of Two Cities
Brewer 1895 The Student's Hume: A History of England
Thelwell 1976 Top Dog
Thelwell 1978 This Desirable Plot
Thelwell 1978 Up The Garden Path
Thelwell 1977 A Leg at Each Corner
Thelwell 1977 Riding Academy
Thelwell 1978 The Effluent Society
Thelwell 1975 Angels on Horseback and Elsewhere
Hamilton 1982 Plato: Gorgias
Magorian 1998 Goodnight Mister Tom
Cantlie 1927 First Aid to the Injured
Guareschi 1964 Comrade Don Camillo and Don Camillo and the Devil
Livingstone 1944 Plato and Modern Education
Gwynn 1975 The Gower yarns of Cyril Gwynn
Proulx 1999 Wyoming Stories from Close range
Froude 1886 Oceana or England and her Colonies
Bronte 1986 Jane Eyre
Sayers 1983 Peig: the autobography of Peig Sayers of the Great Blasket Island
Thouless 1968 Straight and Crooked Thinking
Barber ? Innsegall: The Western Isles
Morton 1945 In Search of Scotland
Hoog 1979 Monet
Allott 1986 English Poetry 1918-60
Godin 2005 Purple Cow
Hays 2004 Marcus Aurelius - Meditations
Banks 2002 Dead Air
Treffert 1990 Extraordinary people
Maclellan 1986 Gaelic Dictionary
Rhys Jones 1986 Living Welsh
Lorayne 1986 Page-a-Minute Memory Book
Liyi 1984 100 Chinese Idions and Their Stories
Charton 1989 Seas and Oceans - Collins Reference Dictionary
Pearce, Markandya, Barbier 1991 Blueprint for a Green Economy
Allen 1943 Guerrilla War in Abyssinia
Dossey 1985 Space, Time & Medicine
Emerson 1990 The Oxford Authors Ralph Waldo Emerson
Packham & Harding 1982 Ecology of Woodland Processes
Robbins 1997 Unlimited Power
Aman 1982 Folk Tales from Indonesia
Marshall & Gabriel 1994 The Great Pub Crawl : A Story of Swansea Pubs
Mackechnie 1974 Gaelic Without Groans
Tredennick 1957 Plato : The Last days of Socrates
Robbins 1992 Awaken the Giant Within
MacNeill 1991 Everyday Gaelic
Blacklaw 1989 Bun-Chursa Gaidhlig
Williams 1999 The Work We Were Born To Do
Knight 2000 NLP at Work
Handly 1979 The Way of the World: Congreave
Robinson et al. 1978 Elements of Cartography
Morris 1986 Intimate behaviour
Acland 1990 A Sudden Outbreak of Common Sense
Hays 1987 You Can heal Your Life
Dobson (Ed) 1991 The Green Reader
Edmunds 1979 The Gower Coast
Maclean & Carrrell (Eds) 1986 As an Fhearann from the land
Clarke 1994 Oz Clarke's Essential Wine Book
Koski & Symons 1991 YOU Magazine Journolists
Swindells & Mason 1989 The Complete Book of the Water Garden
Mitford 1968 Madame de Pompadour
Here's the whole list of books I want to pass on to whoever wants them and is prepared to collect or pay postage & packing.

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