Monday, December 05, 2005

The British Pub Quiz Hits the Auvergne

The British pub quiz is unknown in these parts. But I think it's a hit! It was sooo popular, and, being an optimistic sort most of the time, I hope we might do a monthly one in our mate's new Brasserie when it opens. This one was all on a geography theme. World music intros, (points for: continent, country, group and song); island outlines to work out so on; and 40 famous faces from around the world. I did introduce a bit of a French bias considering the players a bit. I won't tell you what they were, because I'll e-mail the sheets to you if you're interested - just add a comment and ask for them!

The evening was more than just the quiz though; we asked everyone to prepare a turn, so we had a couple of stand-up jokes, some unaccompanied singing, guitar and singing, didge, djembe and violin. A good range of good stuff, and a superb atmosphere all round. Can't wait to do it again. Although having spent all of Friday preparing and all of Sunday cleaning up, I hope we'll do it somewhere else next time!

You couldn't be there I know, so I've chosen a few photos for you to look at. Wojafink?

My partner in crime with beer in hand awaiting the 'off'.

The huge fireplace made a great backdrop to the room, and we anaged to get about 30 people in there, more or less comfortably - cosy.

The guacamole went down very well, but we're now on a humous diet for the rest of the week.

The beer brewer himself, singing his heart out.

And the Bard of Boutaresse to the right elbowing away and singing songs in Patois helpfully translated into French as we went along.

A great evening all round really. By the way, the low lighting blurry effects are deliberate - they have more atmosphere I think. Cheers!!

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