Friday, December 02, 2005

More brushes with French bureaucracy

I know, I know, communication is difficult at the best of times. And I'm not French, so my social context for the communication is not attuned. And the langauge of bureaucracy the world over bears little resemblance to normal langauge. But this week's displays of contempt, innacuracy and complete disregard for the impact of letters and phone calls have reached a new low. Maybe it being winter and cold and grey doesn't help either, but the effect on my (our) morale is not good. The return of thoughts about calling it un jour and heading back home is not unexpected. I suppose they will pass.

I have something of an interview later today. having signally failed to make any impact on potential French clients or employers in my normal line of business, I sent out a CV proclaiming my talents as a teacher of English to adults. So I've been called on it and will be meeting the boss about six o'clock. This time it's just as a temporary stand-in for evening classes next week, but might lead to other things.

And I'm well set up for it after my contact with the great French state apparatus. NOT. So it's back to the comfort zone this afternoon to restore some semblance of optimism, enthusiasm and self-confidence before heading into the fray.

Wish me luck

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