Sunday, December 18, 2005

The last of the summer verveine

Alcohol can be many things in a life, some good some bad. I've wondered about how some alcohol links lives and people, and this is one example.

One of our most pleasant summer encounters this year was with a small family of orstralians that Bunny picked up at a picnic in the local park.

When we talked about their plans, it turned out they were virtually passing the door about a month later after various travels in other European countries. So we invited them to stay with us and share their experiences over a barbie and a glass or two of wine. A great time was had by all i think. They generously brought a bottle of top quality verveine - a locally renowned liqueur made from lots of different flowers and herbs.

I decided that we should keep it for times when we got together with bunny and family, and that's what we did. Last night we saw it off, and toasted the good health of our ortsralian friends. And the joy of chance encounters. And our good health. And the new year. And probbly sevurull other stuff wot we thort of an then din membah mush an ....

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