Friday, December 16, 2005

So this is for who again?

As Christmas draws near, we're getting more and more festive. We went up to bunny's place to pick up this year's tree, and had a look at their creche ...

I'd done a bit of vaguely artistic something above the fireplace ...

Not without its risks, given the size of the thing and the heat we manage to get off it at times.

And then we brought the tree in and tailored it to fit into the house. Just.

So now we're waiting until li'l lamb is not in school so that we can decorate it.

Only, remembering last Christmas, and the little tree we put up in the kitchen, and even looking at these photos, where is li'l lamb? ALL these activities were planned around her being there. And she's been upstairs playing in her room instead.

So, as I said, this is for who again? Well it's just as well it's for us too...

And we'll have a go at the BIG ONE tomorrow afternoon - eh oui, school on Saturday morning!

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