Saturday, March 26, 2005


I decided to go for it after a period of immersion in the material and opportunities. Now I also find myself with an energetic spring in the step. So I am spending my weekend immersing myself in my garden, where I find it easy to free my mind to wander around the more important, deeper things like focus, personal expression, passion, and the lifestyle we are creating here. My expectation is that this will help me to plan next week and ensure that spending so much time away next month is time well spent and well-focused on the important things in life.

My pleasure gardens are pretty much laid out, and the basics like soil preparation are done. So I've moved on to the potager round the corner. I made a good start yesterday, with a little after-school help from our bundle of joy. I doubt I'll have so much time today, since her little flower friend is coming over after the Saturday morning school session for an Easter egg hunt. And at the moment all the eggs are on top of my wardrobe. Our bundle of joy has also requested a treasure hunt style, so I've got to work out some clues too.

It's a pleasure to play, and I find it lifts me out of my ruminations in funny, unexpected and beneficial ways. I think next year, I'll see if someone else can set up the hunt, and I'll play the game too.

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