Thursday, March 24, 2005

Swings and roundabouts: or a balanced life

In know you think about it; not because I know everything, but because I don't yet know anyone who doesn't. This is the work/life balance story. Do you work too much and regret not being with your family, or with your kids more as they grow up? Are you unemployed or retired, desperate to work, to have a role, to do something worthwhile outside your family and your lesiure time? Most people seem to be at one end of the see-saw or the other.

Living out here is part of my search for a balance. The vision I had and we developed together into The Project started many years ago while commuting. Its roots lie further back than that, but I don't plan on getting into a session of analysis. We started with a lifestyle; in detail, it was our perfect day, week, and year. And then we laid out the milestones. And now we're on the road. We seem to be nearing the end of that road, and the next road is forming out of the mist as we do so. And that's why the balance at this moment seems a little unfair.

I planned on working at home roughly three weeks a month, and being away working for the other week. And when we first arrived, it worked out pretty much like that. Only this winter I've been no-where, (worked out fine given the amount of snow); and now I'm going to see that balance flipped in April. Yup, I'm leaving my little corner of paradise for most of April, and will be here I reckon for about 7 or 8 days in the whole month. And it's unsettling.

I've been following my own advice, (well, General Slim's really, credit where it's due). Being bold. I am, as they say, going for it. And having made the choice, I am going for it. I love and the time I have with my family in this place too much to choose to spend time idly elsewhere. And if these bold choices prove to be unworthy of the sacrifice, then the impact will be significant. I will choose differently, even if as boldly, next time. Bold choices help me discriminate between important and unimportant.

I have chosen to travel to build our balanced vision, not for glory or cash. And if this separation doesn't take us further down the road, then it will not have been worth it. Now committed, I intend to do my utmost to make sure it is worth it.

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