Saturday, March 12, 2005

So what are we doing here?

All this malarkey about estate agents and other rantings may lead you to pose the question, so what are they doing there?

Well, the photos give a bit of the up-side. But that wouldn't, in itself, be enough. Well, I don't think it would anyway. The reason we're here being tortured by estate agents is 'the project'.

'The Project' now has a name and a little logo element that is helping to develop an image. The name is Les Sources. And I'll post the logo just above this post. The plan is to develop an oasis of calm and simple pleasure in the heart of the French countryside. A beautiful but unpretensious chateau, maison de maitre or substantial farm in half a dozen acres of intimate gardens; just five or six small suites for our guests; relaxing massage, reflexology and acupressure available without leaving the building; superb organic and local food prepared to both traditional and international recipes; diverting activities like painting workshops and walking; opportunities to visit the farms or vinyards and really discover where our food comes from. And above all, just relax... We even plan to look after your kids for a while to give you some time to yourselves within a family holiday. And I hope to add creative problem-solving and teamwork sessions for small professional groups too.

So that's why we're here. So far, my partner in crime has surmounted the formidable barriers of French bureaucracy to set up her own business as a releaxation therapist. I've carried on earning a crust working as a consultant from home and travelling not too much. And we've visited dozens of properties. In fact we found what I consider to be THE perfect place (photo above too), but found ourselves about 200,000€ short of a business plan. I though about attracting a partner or two; by creating a 2/3 bed appartment available to the partner(s) for a commitment of the cash for something like 3 or 5 years. But we haven't found anyone that's gone for it. Yet...

So we're still looking for the right place; or the right partner(s), and it's that that helps us cope with the estate agents. Wish us luck!

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