Thursday, January 19, 2006

The big party

My partner in crime is 21 this year. But a very big 21. If you get my drift.

So we're having a big party. She comes from a large family. Number 10 in a line of 14. And we've been having an annual round of big 21sts over the last few years. Just about everyone comes, and they all have families. And that's not even counting the very good friends, and my small but perfectly formed family. So we're expecting about 100.

And given the date is the 14th of August, we're booking things early. So we've got:

an invitation list;
a venue;
one band, blues;
some accommodation sorted.

We are still working on:

a particular group of friends, who play samba reggae;
more accommodation;
the wherewithal to do a spit roast - proving a bit tricky;

I am still working on:

that special present - I have ideas, but finding a way to do it and keep it secret is the challenge!

Looking forward to it already!

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