Thursday, January 05, 2006

Party town

Looks like our village is shaping up to be a veritable party town this year. Everything being relative of course, and in this case I don't mean the village relative to Las Vegas, but the village this year relative to the village last year. And the year before. Maybe even the decade before. Well, we're having a party. And not only that, but I'm hoping a little seed sown over the past few days and weeks may turn into another sort of party.

Our party is for my partner in crime - big birthday landmark, but I'm far too polite to say which one. She is one of 14 children, and although not all will come, it's still a good start. Our bestest friends are already coming, and we will be sending out invitations to our other bestest friends soon. And, there's the WHOLE village too. All 17 of us. We plan to use a small field traditionally used for village parties, set up three spit roasts and a bar, and generate as much self-made music (high graphic link) as possible. Mid-August. If you're free.

The other little seed I hope will grow into something at La Beate, a place I talked about recently. We went to wish the two sisters a happy new year yesterday, and settled in for a natter and an apero, like you do. And I floated the idea that maybe, if they thought it was a good idea, and if a few other people were interested, maybe we could clean up and decorate the little house like they last did, during the month of May, and maybe have a couple of evenings there during the month. Perhaps it would be fun to do, sympa to be working together a bit, and share some stories and old photos. And they liked the idea. So we're going to mention it to a few other people, and see what happens. I might try and get hold of some kind of digital recording gizmo and record a bit as well as take some photos.

Already the idea has further possibilities. One of the sisters suggested trying to get some funds to restore the building properly. And one of the district nurses was keen on some kind of oral history project growing out of this first idea. She sees an impressive richess of wisdom and memory as she visits mostly elderly people all over the parish. Wonderful.

I'm not sure what I'll get up to amongst it all myself, but I hope it works out and I get to lend a hand and take some pictures. We plan to do it in May, so there'll be time to get the plans together and keep y'all up to date. Any tips on oral history projects? Or funding sources?

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