Sunday, January 08, 2006

Some philosophical help with (me) everyday life

A recent essay on Islam online resonated with my recent two geographies, decluttering and home and away thoughts and posts. This is an insightful easy to read essay that intorduced me to the idea of transmodernism. This idea offers a way of looking at traditional societies that does not limit them to the past or identify them as static and obsolete. To me it started to make some sense of the feelings among many in modern or post-modern western societies. These are that the rootlessness, the loss of principles and foundations, is not a price not worth paying for progress. Here Ziauddin Sardar describes another way, and this is the fun bit, that these losses constitute a price that doesn't have to be paid. Reading about this idea has given me something of a conceptual tool relevant to these recent thoughts, resolving my need to embrace roots, tradition, spirit of place and so on, AND be very much part of the modern world. Growth and progress is possible too. And I have found a little peace of mind as a result. The author, a cultural critic and Muslim scholar based in London, writes clearly and engagingly. Give it a go.

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