Friday, January 06, 2006

Staying a bit sane in the Massif Central

That's what it's about. And the challenge for me is somewhere around stripping away the padding built up over many years and yet renewing and creating new life and experience.

I've been having a declutter, and whenever there is more 'space' more ideas pop in to fill it up. Question. Are the new things different from the old things? Are they more padding or the real me bursting out onto the recently cleared decks? Are they more of what I should be doing or more of what I want to do? Or even more of what I want to be?

So that's a skecth of where I am today. Here in France, weighing up the new opportunities and ideas I've had. What are they? Which ones are really me?

A normal day at the office! My office window today looks west out over the village to the snow-covered hills of the Massif de Sancy. My garden is down below me, hard-frozen ground deciding what I can and can't do there today. Because after a bit of sketching out some pictures of these thoughts on paper, I'll be off out into this superb tranquil, stimulating, clean space to mull it all over. I have some interesting choices to make this year, and I really want to live me, not the padding. It's probably something to do with my age!

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