Thursday, June 02, 2005

The clash of the new

Lots of rural places have old buildings; some around here are about 300 years old - nothing dramatic really. Of course until recently, maybe 20 or 30 years, everyone round here was from the same genetic stock more or less. But with the advent of incomers from aother parts of France and beyond, some of the genetic differences are becoming more obvious. Like height for example. Most of the buildings are perfectly adapted for their original inhabitants and purposes. Small farmers, cows, bulls and horses mainly.

The clash between the original purposes and the more recent ones of incomers such as myself is usually quite subtle. Last Saturday it was anything but; and the old triumphed. To cut the chase, I walked into a massive oak lintel trying to get into the barn. It hurt. It still hurts.

This is my excuse for being quiet over the last week, although I have managed to get out and take some photographs, as you'll see below.

PS - The lintel seems to be pretty intact.

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