Thursday, June 02, 2005

Gardening for health

The average age of the village until 10 years ago must have been about 60. Today I'd guess at something around 50. Many of the older folks here are remarkably active for their age. Taking our recent visitors around for a walk last week we came across two of our esteemed neighbours toiling away in the garden. Both well into their 80s, if not then probably of some 90 years, they were working away with sustained gusto - and happy to be doing so. With the support of local district nurses where needed, the older population here seems to have a pretty good quality of life, and relish the daily life that many would consider hard and uncomfortable. I'm not for a minute suggesting I wish to be these neighbours, but I know how much I get from being out in my garden for the limited time I can be. And the food's good too.

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