Monday, June 06, 2005

Relaxation is hard work

Our project has a few different elements, one of which is relaxation therapies. My partner in crime has started an individual enterprise as a relaxation massage therapist, or some such title, and we spent yesterday at one of the area's two organic fairs doing free demonstrations of acupressure - or seated/chair massage. We expected about a dozen people during the day but it proved very succesful, with only time for about 60 minutes break all day. P.I.C. worked on 20 people, I had to turn away another 7, and all in all a lot of interest. We have to see if that turns into calls and bookings now.

The fair itself is pretty good, lots of excellent food, good music, useful information for the alternatively minded gardener, cook, young person, environmental activist or home improver. My favourite bit of the day was the wooden games provided my a local association; it turns out that they rent them out for a couple of euros for two weeks - fantastic! The apple (of my eye) talked me into a couple of games yesterday, and I reckon we'll borrow some when she next has visitors for those rare wet days in the summer.

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